How do I reset my password?

Forgot your password? No problem, just visit here to reset it.

How do I contact Shoplandia?

If you have a question about Shoplandia, it is best to browse our FAQs first. If you have a more specific or order-related question, email us.

How long will it take me to make a video?

Not long at all! You determine the amount of time you invest in a video. Our storyboards make it easy for you to put out a coherent video in a few minutes, while our editing and customizing features enable users to fine tune every detail. The decision is up to you.

Is Shoplandia available on Android?

It is on our roadmap! At this moment, Shoplandia is not currently available for Android devices.

We’ll let you know when we expand!

Video Creation

Can I save a draft for later use?

Yes! We automatically save in-progress videos. This will appear on your landing page in the app (My Videos) with a status of “In Progress”. Once you publish the video it will be live on your channel and will appear with a status of “Published” on your my Videos feed.

Video Editing

Can I upload already recorded footage?

Not yet! But this is coming soon on our roadmap. If this is something you want to do, please contact us as we’d love to learn more in order to implement the best solution possible.

Video Sharing

Can I share my videos?

Yes! And we strongly encourage it! You can post your video to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or embed on your own website. This can be done from the iOS app, or from your video page on shoplandia.co.


How much does it cost to list?

Right now it costs you nothing!

Can I list more than one product at a time?

Yes you can! Each video can feature up to 5 products. And each product can have multiple variations and sizes.

I sold a product! What’s next?

After you have physically shipped the product to the shopper, log in to Shoplandia and click “Mark as Shipped”. You will be prompted for the tracking information so make sure to have that handy! The shopper will receive an e-mail with this information and be able to track the package until its arrival.

Uh oh, I sold my listed product but I can’t fulfill the order. What do I do next?

If someone places an order for a product you have sold out of, cancel the order and include that reason in the message.


How do I deliver my sold products?

After a shopper purchases one of your products, we will generate a shipping label based on your preferences entered when listing the product (Flat Rate or Custom Packaging). When you access your order, you will be presented with the shipping label after purchasing the shipping. Just print out the label and attach it to the box and you are all set! If you want, you can order a package pickup from each of the supported carriers.

Do you support International Shipping?

Yes! And it is super easy! When you are listing a product just indicate if you want to offer the product internationally. After that the process works just like you were shipping domestically.

Getting Paid

I shipped my sale. How do I get paid?

We hold the money in escrow for an additional 14 days after the product has been delivered to the shopper. Once that period is up, and the order status is not in

Case Open

or a return status, you can issue your payout at that point. It will take 1-2 additional business days for the funds to appear in your bank account.


What is Shoplandia’s return policy?

Processing returns is up to each individual seller. The shopper can request a return and it is at your discretion to grant or deny the return.

What happens when my buyer has reported my item as not as described?

We ask that shoppers and sellers try to work disputes out amongst themselves. If the two sides cannot reach an agreement, they may escalate by

Opening a case

which will alert a Shoplandia representative to assess the case and make a ruling.

What happens when my buyer has opened a case?

Opening a case will alert a Shoplandia representative to assess the case and make a ruling. It is important to write clear messages when conversing with the shopper as that information will be used to make a decision.

Do I have to charge sales tax?

Sales tax is charged to shoppers that are located in the same state as your business operations.