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4 things you must know about your first sale


You made your first sale on Shoplandia, this post will help you fulfill the order smoothly!

Shipping Profile

The shipping profile is the way to manage the expectations of the shopper and to prevent frantic shoppers from sending you messages like “when will my order ship?”. The two components of the profile were the shipping cost and processing time. The shipping cost is charged to the customer at time of purchase and will be paid to you when the transaction is complete. Be sure to set accurate shipping costs. The processing time is the range of business days the shopper can expect the package to ship by. If you are delayed for any reason be sure to reach out to the customer and let them know. Once the estimated shipping date has passed the shopper can open a case.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communication is key, don’t keep the buyers guessing. At any point you can open up a line of communication with your customers from the Order Details screen. Look for the Send a message to buyer link beneath the shipping address. Notifying buyers of ship times will help set their expectations and reduce the amount of post-purchase convos.

Package It Up and Ship It

Shoplandia is a platform built on a personal connection between the seller and buyer. In order to continue the personal connection we recommend sellers include a thank you note in the package. In this thank you note, we also recommend you request feedback from your buyer.

It is your responsibility to ship the package via whichever carrier is your preference. After you ship it, it is very important for you to mark the package as shipped on Shoplandia. In order to do so, you must include the carrier and tracking number of the package. Be sure to note this when shipping it. This will send an automatic e-mail to the buyer with a link to track the package.


Shoplandia holds the payment for 14 days after the package was delivered. We do this in case there is a need for an order refund to avoid duplicate transaction fees. Once the 14 days has passed and their is no case opened on the order you may issue a payout via the Order Details screen which will transfer the funds to your bank account in 1-2 business day(s).